Hi, I’m Louise…

…I’m a registered nutritional therapist and I help women to reignite their spark and get back to enjoying life to the full!

I’ll help you to get your dream body, supercharge your energy and overcome frustrating symptoms like bloating, bowel problems, skin complaints and much more.

When I first began practising nutrition, I struggled to help my clients achieve significant weight loss; they were doing all the right things but just weren’t seeing results. I now know that there is SO much more to health and weight management than simply eating less and exercising more. There are SO many factors that can get in your way; hormones, blood sugars, gut bacteria and inflammation are the key areas of imbalance that can impact metabolism. Add to this willpower and cravings and you can start you understand why weight loss can be such a challenge.

That’s why I created The Nourish Method to Lasting Fat Loss; a 16-week, online programme that provides you with the know-how, the accountability and the support that you need. Not only does this programme teach you HOW to eat and WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat so that you can balance hormones, blood sugars and reduce inflammation for lasting fat loss, but it also teaches how to address the lifestyle factors that impact your fat-burning.

To read more about this life-changing programme and read the many testimonials, click here.

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