How Can We Help You?

We help men and women who are fed-up and feeling stuck to feel AMAZING and to regain their love of food. If you’re anything like our typical clients then you don’t know which way to turn, you feel like food is the enemy and you just want to know what the right diet is for you.

We get you thoroughly nourished from within by removing the problem food(s), correcting underlying imbalances and healing the damage done.

Our weight loss and IBS programmes are available online and in our clinic in Braintree, Essex.

Have a browse and schedule a phone call with us if you’d like to have a chat.

Eat your way to a happy tummy

IBS is just a label given to those with unexplained digestive issues. You do not have to live with these symptoms. We’ll help you to beat this.

Nourish your way to fat loss

We’ll help you to lose weight for good whilst nourishing your body, without giving up your favourite foods!


Blood Draws & Test Kits

We offer blood draws at our Braintree clinic, and we also stock many test kits.


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