We Specialise In Weight Loss For Women

We help frustrated women, from all over the UK, to balance their hormones so that they can lose weight without restrictive dieting.

In their mid-thirties, women begin the long journey to menopause.

As your hormones start to slowly decline, weight loss gets tricky and you’ve likely found that the things that used to control your weight are no longer working for you.

We hear about that same struggle over and over again; nothing works… you cannot lose weight no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.

You can thank your hormones and metabolism for this stubborn fat.

Our mission is to help women balance their hormones and lose weight so that they can feel confident and sexy, full of energy and at peace with food.

We do that with our Free Facebook community, free resources and our dedicated online programme, The Nourish Method to Lasting Fat loss.

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