With The #nomakeupselfie Raising Cancer Donations, I’m left Wondering, What About Cancer Prevention?

The #nomakeupselfie seems to have done a fantastic job of increasing donations to cancer charities, which goes a long way towards supporting those with cancer, and improving treatments.

Why not go one step further? Why not take steps to prevent cancer?

Preventing cancer goes much further than simply consuming your 5-a-day and not smoking.

There is so much more you can do to reduce your risk of cancer considerably!

For example, if you (ladies) have hormonal problems now, be it PMS, acne, mood swings, cramps or heavy monthly bleeding, then you may have a hormone imbalance. Since oestrogen stimulates growth of oestrogen receptive cells (in breast, ovaries and womb), having a hormone imbalance could increase your risk of oestrogen- dependant cancers. The great news is that hormone imbalance, along with your PMS symptoms and, therefore, risk of oestrogen-dependant cancer, can be managed well with the right dietary intervention.