Weight Loss

A Fat Loss Programme Created Just For You...

We specialise in nutrition coaching for men and woman who struggle to lose weight and maintain the results. Do you:

1. Struggle to lose weight because you can’t break bad habits, can’t stick to anything long enough
or just don’t know what healthy means for you?

2. Struggle to lose weight despite eating well and exercising regularly?

We identify your underlying imbalances and barriers to weight loss and coach you over 12 weeks to supercharge your health. Work with us in our clinic in Braintree or via Skype, or join our online programme.

Weight loss can be easy when you have the right support!

The Details:

Weight loss, it’s simple right? Eat less and exercise more and you’ll get to your goal weight eventually. Obviously, for some it IS as simple as this, but I’m going to assume that isn’t you otherwise you wouldn’t be here! For the majority of people the standard weight loss approach doesn’t cut it. Sure, you may be able to drop some weight with a fad diet but you can’t keep it off and you are gradually getting bigger.

We’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off by identifying and correcting imbalances within the diet and body.  Weight loss doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. When you have the right support, staying on track is easier. We believe healthy eating shouldn’t leave you bored and hungry and our clients report that they enjoy their new way of eating and feel fuller for longer with minimal cravings.

There are several key imbalances that significantly impact your metabolism and unfortunately, most of our clients have all of them. This programme is about looking at you as a whole (holistic) and identifying and addressing your physiological and emotional barriers to weight loss. This is not about putting you on a diet. Obviously, we will discuss the essentials of macro-nutrient balance, portion control, snacking etc, but the real focus is on nourishing your body from the inside by identifying your unique nutritional needs. When you optimise your physiology, weight loss is a pleasant side-effect.

This is not a quick fix and you probably won’t be at your goal weight by the end of the 12 weeks, but you will have put the foundations in place for steady and sustainable weight loss.

Here's Why You'll Love Us...

We create a bespoke programme just for you

We identify & address your underlying barriers to weight loss

We do more than simply telling you what to eat

We give clear and practical recommendations

We hold you accountable and help you stay on track

Our methods are based on both scientific research & our years of experience

Meet Louise

Louise will help you break the cycle of eating crap because you feel like crap and feeling crap because you’ve eaten crap! You feel tired and you’re too busy for complicated programmes BUT you feel like your surviving instead of thriving.

You want to find a way of eating that is easy and enjoyable, that helps you to shift the fat and keep it off. You want to feel energised, more comfortable in your clothes and confident in photos.

Louise has helped hundreds of men and women to learn a way of eating that not only helps them to lose weight and feel better now, but is also a healthy way of eating in the long-term.

The Nourish Method: Online

The Nourish Method to Faster Fat Loss is a 12 week online group programme. Louise created this program as a way of reaching more people and keeping her services affordable.

It’s set over 12 weeks but you can also take it at your own pace. You’ll receive video tutorials, meal plans, written guides, community support via our private Facebook group AND live Q&As weekly.

RRP: £349

September Launch Discounted Price: £249

Save £100!

The Nourish Method: One to One

It’s all of the teachings of the online programme, with the essential accountability and personalisation that coaching brings.

This programme includes 12 weeks of one to one nutrition coaching targeted at achieving sustainable weight loss.

This program is available in clinic or via Skype.


Price increase as of 1st Sept 2018:  £549

What Our Tribe Says...

I’ve got a better relationship with food

I would highly recommend Louise, after thinking about getting in contact with Louise for a little while, I finally got brave and made the phone call. After losing weight by exercising and counting calories I’d got to a point where I wasn’t losing anymore weight, no matter what I was doing. Louise made me feel very comfortable and after our first appointment I was happy to try what Louise had advised me, ( even though I was slightly concerned about the calories I would be eating). Louise is always there at an end of an email and our weekly visits kept me going, I am now on week 8/12 and I’ve lost weight, not only have I lost weight I’ve got a better relationship with food, which I haven’t had for so many years!!! So if you’ve hit a brick wall, want a better understanding about food then get in contact with Louise!!! The only thing I’ve got left to say is Thank you Louise xx

S Ford

Nutritional Therapy

S Ford

I can’t believe the difference

I came too see Louise feeling fatigued and generally unhealthy. Louise identified bad eating habits and intolerant food types which combined were the root of the problem. Less than two weeks in to the new meal plan and i cant believe the difference it has made. 1 month in and i feel healthier more alert and altogether in good shape plus have lost over a stone in weight.

S Jackson

Nutritional Therapy

S Jackson

I can’t recommend it enough

After spending the last 5 years with all the diets on the market and my weight fluctuating terribly I decided to get some professional help. After 2 sessions with Louise and some very basic changes to my lifestyle, which entailed eating a more balanced diet with emphasis on long term goals and a more stable digestive system, I am now into my 6th month with my weight being stabilised. I have a lot more confidence when I stray from my plan as I now know how to control this in the long term. I can't recommend it enough as it's just simple professional advice that means that I have a long term plan to work to with someone always on hand for constructive help.

Richard Kent

Nutritional Therapy

Richard Kent

I am a different person!

Started seeing Louise in January 2017 when I had been suffering with a severe Stomach infection,IBS and diverticulitis. I was at a very low point and had had little support from my GP. Louise suggested various tests and gave me an eating plan and supplements. 3 months later I am a different person, my pain has gone and I have more energy than I've had for years! I can eat properly, lost weight and regained my confidence. Louise was quick to respond to my emails and questions and is a great listener. I couldn't recommend her enough.

H Clements

Nutritional Therapy

H Clements

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