Would should I use instead of sugar?

There are times when you need to add some sweetness to a recipe. As a general rule it is better to use minimally or unprocessed natural sweeteners instead of artificial ones or standard table sugars.  However, it is not quite that simple. Some ‘natural’ sweeteners are heavily processed. You also still need to consider the amount used in a recipe and how this may impact you blood sugar. There is little point in swapping white sugar for a natural sugar if you end up using double the amount! Below gives you the lowdown on the various sweeteners on the market…

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How to spot hidden sugar in everyday foods

Added sugar is hidden nearly all processed food, which is one of the reasons why it is important to minimise it and cook from scratch, especially when trying to lose fat. I am devoting two more posts on this topic to provide some clear guidance on what to look out for when you head to the supermarket, and what to use as an alternative when you need a little sweetness!

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Sugar Basics & How It Causes Weight Gain

Sugar has been demonised in the media for sometime now and quite rightly so. Refined sugar in any form provides no nutritional value. This is such a big topic so for this article we’re just going to focus on the basics of sugar and how it effects weight.Read More