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Sweet n Spicy Falafel

Falafel is a sort of ‘veggie burger’ made from chickpeas, herbs and spices. It might sound dull but it tastes great! It’s a fab protein replacement should you be aiming to reduce you meat intake. It’s versitile; have it in wrap, with a salad or as it is dipped in a raita.Read More

Hemp Seed and Walnut Spread/ Dip

This delicious butter can be spread on oatcakes, like nut butter, or can be used as a dip for celery or carrots. Either way it makes a healthy and delicious snack. The butter is a great source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, as well as protein, which will help to keep you going until your next meal. Enjoy!Read More

Healthy Cookie Dough Snack Balls (Gluten- Free)

These snack balls are really easy to make and are a great source of protein, which helps to keep you full up and to balance your blood sugar levels.

These are ideal for keeping in the fridge as they can satisfy your need to pick on sweet things.Read More

Healthy Creamy Ranch Style Dressing/ Dip (Dairy-free)

This sauce is wonderfully creamy and full of flavour and makes a great salad dressing or dip to have with carrots and celery sticks. The recipe is based on cashews nuts and is therefore high in protein and essential fats and helps to make a salad more nutrient dense and filling. Read More

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