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Multivits: Are They Beneficial? (+ Take The Health Assessment!)

The answer to this question is surely yes. They must be beneficial. Surely, topping yourself up with a variety of different vitamins and minerals can only be a good thing? However it’s not quite as simple as this.

Multivitamins can be very beneficial if you are taking the right one for you.

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Learning Difficulties Linked to Winter Conception

A new study completed by the university of Glasgow has found a link between children that were conceived during the winter and learning difficulties. This connection can potentially be explained by the lack of sunlight in the winter, causing vitamin D deficiency in the motherRead More


What Happens in a Nutritional Therapy Consultation?

Before the first consultation, I get my lovely clients to fill out a questionnaire and food diary. It can seem a little daunting because there are a lot of questions! But they help to save time in the first session, so that we can get into the important stuff!Read More

Nourishing Your Brain and Body For Optimal Energy

Google ‘how to increase energy’ and you’ll reach zillions of blogs all telling you the obvious things; get more sleep, cut out caffeine, do more exercise, and drink more water. Whilst these will all give you more energy and make you feel better, and should definitely not be overlooked, for the chronically fatigued it will barely scratch the surface.Read More

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