Dairy free lentil and cauliflower dahl

Lentil & Cauliflower Dahl: Hormone Heaven

Hormone imbalance is a problem I see frequently in my clinic. Whilst many associate hormone imbalance with women and PMS, it’s also something that affects men. Hormone imbalance can cause weight gain in both men and women. Not a week goes by where I don’t have someone sitting in my clinic telling me how they eat really well and exercise everyday and still can’t lose weight. Whilst there are lots of factors that could be playing a role, sex hormone balance is a common and complicated one. This recipe is easy, comforting and delicious, but also fabulous for supporting hormone balance.

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​Are Your Digestive Issues and Hormonal Imbalance Linked?

I frequently see clients with both digestive problems and hormonal imbalances and this is no coincidence.

Firstly, let’s be clear on what I’m talking about. By digestive problems I mean anything from upper digestive issues, like acid reflux and heartburn, to lower digestive issues like constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.Read More