Creamy Roots Soup

Oh man. I just made possibly the best soup ever. It was SO GOOD! I was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered to follow a recipe so I just chucked some stuff in the soup maker. I’m even thinking of stopping writing this blog and going to get a third bowl of the stuff! By the way, if you haven’t got a soup maker, fear not, it’s almost as easy with a pan and a blender.

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Delicious Gluten Free Bread Rolls

Anyone that follows a gluten free diet will know that it’s really difficult to find a GF bread recipe where the result doesn’t taste like cardboard. I’ve previously posted a GF bread recipe that was yummy, but couldn’t really pass as what we expect bread to be.Read More

Eggs Royale- A Healthy and Low FODMAP Meal (Gluten-Free)

Here’s a recipe that’s great for those with IBS, or anyone else with digestive discomfort. The FODMAPs diet is a plan that I recommend to some of my IBS clients as it can be a great first step to gaining an understanding of what’s going on in the gastrointestinal tract.Read More

Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps

Shop bought gluten-free tortilla wraps are expensive! And, when you look at the ingredients you’ll see that they contain all sorts of crap.

I use wraps for lots of different kinds of things; pizza bases, hummus and falafel wraps, enchiladas, and fajitas.Read More

Creamy and Delicious Pasta- The Healthy Way (Gluten & Dairy-Free)

For me, the comfort food I crave is carby and creamy. So a big bowl of cheesy pasta hits the spot. Whilst creamy, cheesy pasta makes me happy when I’m eating it, it leaves me feel crap afterwards, and that’s because pasta is difficult to digest and causes a spike in blood sugar levels, and a sugar spike always leads to a sugar crash.Read More

Healthy Cookie Dough Snack Balls (Gluten- Free)

These snack balls are really easy to make and are a great source of protein, which helps to keep you full up and to balance your blood sugar levels.

These are ideal for keeping in the fridge as they can satisfy your need to pick on sweet things.Read More

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