The Sound Sleep Webinar

“The Sound Sleep Webinar”

Learn how to get restful sleep every night!

16th February 2019
9:00AM GMT

What’s Involved?…
It’s like a talk but online.  All you’ll have to do is click the link that I’ll email to you when the webinar is due to start. You’ll be able to see me and my screen and you’ll have the chance to ask questions too. If you can’t make the date don’t worry! I’ll send you the recording afterwards!


What You’re Going To Learn:

  • Why good quality sleep is SO unbelievably important.

  • The 6 key areas you can influence to get better sleep

  • Your unique areas to prioritise (you’ll receive an assessment to complete beforehand!)

  • 8 strategies for amazing sleep!

  • You’ll also receive 10 sleep-friendly recipes


Hi, I’m Louise

I’m a registered nutritional therapist with a holistic approach to health. The more clients I see and the more I learn, the more I believe that good sleep is absolutely critical to good health and to achieving other seemingly unrelated health goals such as weight loss, stress management, digestive health, mental health, hormone balance and much more.

I help men and women to improve their quality of life by teaching them how to eat food that suits their unique needs and nourishes their body. Join me for this exciting webinar which is absolutely jam-packed with information and practical advice.

16th February 2019
9:00AM GMT

Can’t make it? Don’t Worry!
Simply sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recording afterwards!