Your results indicate both a hormonal imbalance & lack of clarity & accountability: 

Your answers are typical of someone who is struggling to lose weight due to a hormonal imbalance. Factors like stress, use of hormonal contraceptives/ HRT and poor sleep have a considerable impact on hormones. When your sex hormones, hunger hormones, stress hormones and thyroid hormones are imbalanced, weight loss becomes a lot more complicated than simply calories in V calories out.

You also said that you know how to lose weight but you can’t stick to anything. Getting clear on what you need to do and why is super important for connecting with your action plan. You’ve got to believe that what you’re doing is going to work, otherwise, every little hurdle will feel like a mountain to climb.

A lack of accountability can also be a problem. Having someone to report to helps you to stay on track.

I’ve created a special Hormone Balancing Meal Plan and Success Guide, specifically for this problem. If you’d like me to email it over to you right away just pop your details in the box below. You should definitely join my free Facebook group too! This is the place to go to get some support and accountability!