Premium Health Assessment

Xenovida Ltd (a healthcare company based in Canary Wharf) has a unique offering if you’re looking to optimise your health, reduce your health risks and age healthily.  Xenovida offers the ultimate programme for those who want a comprehensive and science-based health assessment (using top of the range body analysers and blood testing from one of the UK’s reference laboratories) combined with recommendations and support from a team of experts. Louise Digby Nutrition bring these exclusive services to the heart of Essex by hosting a Xenovida clinic once per month. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll complete several in-depth questionnaires online prior to your assessment.
  2. You’ll come in on one of Xenovida’s assessment mornings for a 20 minute appointment where we’ll measure height, weight, waist & hip circumference, body composition (body fat, muscle, bone, visceral fat, hydration status, metabolic rate and more, using our body analyser), your blood pressure, and finally we will take a small blood sample.
  3. Two working days after your assessment you’ll receive an interim report with the results from your physical measures.
  4. Within 15 working days you’ll receive your full personalized health report including recommendations and advice based on the results of your questionnaires, physical measures and blood test results. These recommendations will be dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to work with one of our experts for nutritional support and/or emotional support, and you can even book a phone consultation with one our scientists if you wish to learn about the science behind your results!

Who is Xenovida For?

Xenovida is for you if you are looking to optimise your health using evidence based dietary changes and/ or emotional well-being support. This isn’t about putting you on a ‘diet’. We take a personalised approach and work with you to help you make the changes that are specific you and your unique health goals.

Find out more

Visit the Xenovida website or complete the enquiry form below:


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