Private blood tests (Phlebotomist)

 Private Blood Tests


We offer private blood tests in Braintree, Essex on Tuesday mornings only. This service is suitable for you if have your own test kit or if you have been referred by one of our partners.

No test kit? Check out our testing options here.

The clinic address is Unique Body Clinic, Coggeshall Road, Braintree, Essex, CM77 8EU.

We have free parking available.

We do not offer home visits.

Important Instructions:

  • Read all instructions enclosed within your test kit FULLY. You may need to fast or avoid certain foods, supplements or non-essential medications. Or your sample might need centrifuging. If we are unable to complete your test kit due to incorrect preparation you will still be charged for your appointment.
  • We have a centrifuge available. You must tell us beforehand/ book the correct appointment online if your sample needs centrifuging as this requires significantly more time.
  • You are responsible for arranging the shipping of your sample if you have your own test kit. Please read the shipping instructions before booking your blood draw, DO NOT leave it until the day of the blood draw. We can no longer store your sample ready for courier collection as we do not currently have full-time reception staff.
  • If your sample needs to be frozen before shipping then you need to prepare for that AND factor that into the timing of your appointment. If there are freezer blocks in the kit, please freeze ALL of them at least 6 hours before they are needed and bring them with you to the appointment.