Private blood tests (Phlebotomist)

 Private Blood Tests


Our phlebotomist offers private blood tests in Braintree, Essex. This service is suitable for you if:

  • you have your own test kit
  • you have an NHS blood test form
  • you wish to purchase a test kit (we have a huge variety of tests available).

You have your own test kit:

Important Instructions:

  • Read all instructions enclosed within your test kit FULLY. You may need to fast or avoid certain foods, supplements or non-essential medications. If we are unable to complete your test kit due to incorrect preparation you will still be charged for your appointment.
  • You are responsible for arranging the shipping of your sample. Please read the instructions when you receive your test kit NOT on the day of the blood draw. You are welcome to have the sample collected from the Unique Body Clinic unless the sample needs to be frozen (we don’t have a freezer).
  • If your sample needs to be frozen before shipping then you need to prepare for that AND factor that into the timing of your appointment. If there are freezer blocks in the kit, please freezer them at least 6 hours before they are needed.
  • We have a centrifuge available. You must tell us beforehand/ book the correct appointment online if your sample needs centrifuging as this require significantly more time.

You have an NHS blood test form

  • You must have the form and bring it to the appointment.
  • You need to tell us which tests are required (we might have to order in extra tubes)
  • You will need to take the sample and drop it at an NHS blood draw/ phlebotomy centre.

You wish to purchase a test kit

  • We have many different tests available for an additional fee.
  • We need to know what test you’d like to do as we might need to order it in.

NEXT STEP: Check out our test kits or give us a call of 07908 235876


Private blood draw: £25

Private blood draw + centrifuging: £40 or £50 for multiple test kits

Tests kits: prices vary

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this service.

Very Gentle!

Louise has been very helpful in coordinating and recommending tests for my digestive health and also is very gentle when it comes to blood tests for someone who is terrible with needles. Thank you Louise!




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