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The Nourish Method is a 12 week programme that teaches you how to lose fat and keep it off, without having to give up your favourite foods! This programme can be completed 1 to 1 with Louise, or independently online.

This 12 week programme is focused on freeing you from your bothersome symptoms. Regulating bowel movements, reducing bloating and pain and minimising wind and indigestion. Our approach is to identify and address the underlying cause of you problems.

What Our Tribe Says...

“I would highly recommend Louise, after thinking about getting in contact with Louise for a little while, I finally got brave and made the phone call. After losing weight by exercising and counting calories I’d got to a point where I wasn’t losing anymore weight, no matter what I was doing.

Louise made me feel very comfortable and after our first appointment I was happy to try what Louise had advised me, (even though I was slightly concerned about the calories I would be eating).

Louise is always there at an end of an email and our weekly visits kept me going, I am now on week 8/12 and I’ve lost weight, not only have I lost weight I’ve got a better relationship with food, which I haven’t had for so many years!!!

So if you’ve hit a brick wall, want a better understanding about food then get in contact with Louise!!!

The only thing I’ve got left to say is Thank you Louise xx”

S Ford

Book an enquiry phone call...

To find out more or to get booked in please book a free, 10-20 minute enquiry phone call with Louise.