The Nourish Method

The Nourish Method

To Lasting Fat Loss

Learn how to lose fat without cravings, willpower or ‘magic pills’.
Never give up wine or chocolate again!

Right now you're frustrated

(and you should be)

You’re doing your best: eating healthy & getting exercise in when you can, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

The number on the scale isn’t going down…it’s going up.

PROBLEM: You keep gaining weight and have no idea why.

Let me tell you something very very important: It’s not you. It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower. It’s the ‘healthy’ food that you’re eating + the time wasted on the wrong type of exercise.

You are literally creating the perfect storm of weight gain and you need to stop (more on this later).

After working with hundreds women who were desperately trying to lose weight, this is what I know about you...

  • You do your best to eat lightly. You know the more you eat the bigger you get. But you’re really hungry and just don’t have the willpower to be good day in and day out. Especially by about 9pm.

  • You’ve spent what feels like hours on the damn cross trainer.  It just makes you tired & hungry.

  • You actually hold your breath every time you zip up a pair of trousers you haven’t worn in a bit and say a silent prayer that they still do up.

  • You just feel really uncomfortable in your own skin; if you look too closely you don’t recognise yourself, so you avoid mirrors.  You also avoid changing in front of anyone else, no matter how non-judgemental they are.


 It’s draining to spend your life ‘hiding’ in baggy clothes. You spend a small fortune on new clothes convinced if you just found the right outfit your problems would disappear. It doesn’t work.

We all have insecurities but weight is one of the hardest to shake. You can’t leave it at home, hide it under makeup or cover it up. It’s always there in plain sight, ready to pop up in the WORST situations (like the changing room of your favourite shop – changing room meltdowns are the WORST).

It’s exhausting to keep trying and failing and you get so sick of dieting. You slowly build up layer after layer of indifference.

You tell yourself you don’t care (but of course you do).

Because it’s not JUST your weight or your reflection in the mirror. It’s not even how you feel naked. The truth is, aside from the way you LOOK it’s also about the way you FEEL.

A Little More About Me...

Hi, I’m Louise Digby.

I am a nutritional therapist who specialises in women struggling with stubborn weight.
I show peri-menopausal and menopausal women, who feel fed-up, tired and disconnected from their bodies,  how to lose weight and nourish themselves without having to give up their favourite foods.
Our ideal clients are committed to nourishing their bodies from the inside out. They understand that crash diets do not achieve long-term results and are ready to say goodbye to them forever. They struggle to wade through all the information out there and want to learn to love food again. They need structure, support and to be kept on track.
Our approach is unique because it’s all about achieving results that actually last. Let’s deal with this once and for all! Let’s get you energised, let’s develop an amazing relationship with food.
Our approach is focused on abundance rather than deprivation. We teach the exact strategies that I use to stay trim whilst leading a hectic life. These strategies have worked for hundreds of our clients and I’ve used this experience to create my formula.


The Nourish Method

To Lasting Fat Loss

A simple way of eating for unhappy dieters who just want to lose weight and keep it off.

No B.S. No counting calories. No magic pills or restrictive dieting.

No need to carve hours out of your already jam-packed day to exercise.

Best of all? No going to bed hungry or having shakes for breakfast.

Just real food, actual fat loss and the most liberating feeling ever of NOT craving carbs & feeling like total crap all afternoon.

Book a FREE Weight Loss Breakthrough Call

Book yourself in for a free no-obligation phone call where we’ll drill down into what’s stopping you from losing weight and determine whether The Nourish Method is right for you. This is an in-depth call, which requires around 30-45 minutes of your time.


Yes I'm interested. What happens next?

First of all- yay! That’s so exciting!

Please schedule a Weight Loss Breakthrough Call. We have this in-depth call with everyone who’s interested in the programme so that we can make sure the programme is a good fit for you AND also that you are a good fit for the programme. It is really important to us that our Nourish community is filled with highly motivated individuals so that it’s a really positive environment for everyone!

How much time will this take? I'm already overextended as it is.

The recipes are easy. They don’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated hard to find foods-who’s got time for that?

Will I be starving?

Not with this programme! Not only will you eat real food for your meals, you’ll eat plenty of it.  Plus you’ll be eating formerly forbidden foods like butter, beef, bacon and eggs.

Do I have to shop at specialty health food stores?

Nope. Plain old supermarkets will work work just fine.

What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?

You can definitely ask us questions. That’s what our private Facebook group is all about. We’ll get back to any questions within 12-48 hours and will ALWAYS support you.

If you’re working with us 1:1, you’ll be able to reach out to us via our instant chat whenever you need to AND we’ll have regular sessions to keep you on track.

Do I have to cook everyday?

Not if you don’t want to. Look, I work full time and I’m lucky to spend 25 minutes on dinner. The recipes I’ll provide you with can be made ahead (yay batch cooking) or made super quickly. I’ll also teach you how to eat out without killing your blood sugar and feeling awful afterwards. The point is you can tailor this programme to your lifestyle. It’s not about having to eat specific meals at specific times; it’s learning HOW to eat so you can control your blood sugar, balance your hormones and stop storing fat. That’s it.

Do I have to eat all organic?

Nope. I mean you can but your success doesn’t hinge on that. Organic is an important topic, but it’s not what this programme is about. I’ll be happy to talk you through it and help you make up your own mind though.

What kind of food will I be eating?

Honestly…regular old food like meats, fish, veggies, avocados, butter, cheese, etc.

I will warn you: no ‘diet’ food is involved in this programme. And it’s fine if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye crash diets and HELLO to delicious food that nourishes your body AND shifts the fat, then book in your Weight Loss Breakthrough Call now.

Louise xx

Book a FREE Weight Loss Breakthrough Call

Book yourself in for a free no-obligation phone call where we’ll drill down into what’s stopping you from losing weight and determine whether The Nourish Method is right for you. This is an in-depth call, which requires around 30-45 minutes of your time.