New Hope For Anxiety Sufferers

The complementary therapy world is now exploring the use of hemp extracts for various conditions and anxiety and stress is just one area being researched.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract of the cannabis plant, which has had a positive effect on the symptoms of anxiety. Research has also found that CBD acts on regions of the brain that control the fear response.

Research participants that had taken CBD had decreased activity in these areas of the brain and experienced less anxiety, when exposed to a stressful situation.

Hemp is very new to the UK and is not yet widely accepted in the medical world. The UK is a bit behind the times as hemp is a mainstream treatment option in the US. There is now extensive research underpinning the safe usage of CBD and companies producing CBD oil have said that ‘the feedback from our customers is overwhelming’.

It’s understandable that some may have concerns about using a product derived from cannabis, but CBD does not have the psychoactive properties and is entirely safe (and legal).

Currently CBD is expensive and this is because of the process required to produce a pure and potent oil. Hopefully with further research and advancement in production techniques, the price may come down.