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Heal Your Gut

Learn how to eat varied and delicious food
without the troublesome consequences 

You Feel Like You Can't Eat Anything

You’re doing your best. You’re trying to eat healthy. But somehow, it seems like the healthier you eat the worse your symptoms are.

You think you’re starting to get things under control. If you continue to avoid X, Y & Z you should be fine. But then suddenly, everything flares up again and you feel more confused than ever.

One day you can’t touch a particular food without blowing up like you’re 6 months pregnant, and other times you can get away with it symptom-free.

Ultimately, you’re symptoms flare up at the worst possible time… gatherings, holidays, long car journeys…


After working with hundreds of people desperate to eliminate painful and embarrassing symptoms, this is what I know about you...

  • You’ve tried cutting out various foods with varying success. Usually symptoms return or things just don’t change at all.

  • You’ve tried eating healthier; increasing the fruits and vegetables, but this just made you feel worse.

  • You feel better when you don’t eat at all, and it’s starting to feel like food is the enemy.

  • You’ve tried medications like buscopan and mebeverine that didn’t help at all. You’ve maybe even tried anti-depressants.

  • The tests that your doctor completed all came back ‘normal’

  • You just feel really uncomfortable. You pretty much live in trousers with an elasticated waist. You’re bloated, uncomfortable and most of all fed-up.

It’s draining spending your life watching what you’re eating. Analysing every mouthful. Suffering after every meal. You’ve spent a fortune on supplements or health-foods hoping they’d solve the problem. It didn’t work.

When food is the cause of your discomfort you can’t just take a day off.  It’s always there. You’re always watching what you eat. Relaxing the ‘diet’ or over-eating means a night (or more) of major discomfort.

It’s exhausting to keep restricting your diet further and further. Eating out at restaurants or round people’s houses is no fun anymore.
In fact, it’s a complete nightmare.

Hi, I'm Louise

I help men and women who are fed-up and disconnected from their bodies to free themselves from the fear and pain their tummy troubles cause.
I’ll show you how to nourish yourself from within and address the root cause of your problems so that eventually you can enjoy dinner with your friends once again.
My clients are committed to nourishing their bodies from the inside out. They know that simply eliminating food after food is not addressing the underlying problem.  They need a step-by-step programme that’s simple to follow and practical for everyday life.
My approach is unique because we’re going to go deeper than simply identifying food intolerance. We’re going to work out what caused the food intolerance or IBS-like symptoms so that we can address that imbalance and get you back to your old self.

The Missing Links

Revelation #1: The tests your doctor did looked for disease only. You can still have imbalances and dysfunction without disease.

There is a long way between absence of disease and optimal health. Scans, colonoscopies, endoscopies and blood tests are looking for major issues. Even the stool tests used are basic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have these tests done, but just because they came back all-clear doesn’t mean that everything is normal!  What they don’t test for includes:

  • Levels of beneficial bacteria

  • Presence of some bad bacteria

  • Levels of yeast

  • Intestinal permeability (leaky gut)

  • Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

  • Stomach acid levels

  • Digestive enzyme levels

and more! These are all things that when imbalanced, can cause bloating, wind, pain, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue and food intolerance symptoms.

Revelation #2:  IBS is caused by something. It’s not just random food intolerance. There is always a reason why.

The majority of our clients focus on problem foods when they are trying to address their tummy troubles. The biggest mistake they make is that they don’t consider that the food intolerance is caused by an underlying imbalance. Yes, the food is triggering the reaction (although not always) but the problem isn’t the food. The long-term solution isn’t to exclude that food. The problem is the underlying imbalances, such as bacterial overgrowth, yeast overgrowth, lack of beneficial bacteria etc. The long-term solution is to identify the imbalance, correct it AND to heal the damage done.

Heal Your Gut

A step-by-step programme for men and women who just want to eat without suffering later. Who want to feel amazing and fall back in love with food again.

No magic pills. No long-term restrictive diets.

Just real food. Actual gut healing and the most liberating feeling ever of NOT worrying about every mouthful of food.

The programme takes between 3-6 months.

I really could not recommend her gentle but extremely knowledgeable and competent manner highly enough

I came to Louise in rather a sorry state, having been following the FODMAP diet for some time without really understanding why this had helped a little and too afraid to come off of it! Louise helped me to establish that I had SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), which led me to recognize and understand so many of the symptoms that I had been suffering from. Not only did Louise suggest a program for controlling the SIBO, she helped me to settle on some supplements to address the tiredness and lethargy I struggled to understand. I believe that SIBO can lead to malabsorption, leaving us unable to absorb vital elements of our diet. I recovered quickly once I followed Louise’s suggestions of the right supplements for me, and if I have a relapse ( too much Christmas pudding etc.) Louise has been able to suggest a way to quickly get back on track. I have transformed from eating a very small range of foods to everything I enjoy…mealtimes and eating out in general have once again become pleasurable. Although my GP was helpful it is Louise that has the expertise to steer me to once again be able to enjoy my food and not to be afraid of the pain that it would so often bring. . I really could not recommend her gentle but extremely knowledgeable and competent manner highly enough.

Jacqueline Smith

Nutritional Therapy

Jacqueline Smith


I am a different person!

Started seeing Louise in January 2017 when I had been suffering with a severe Stomach infection,IBS and diverticulitis. I was at a very low point and had had little support from my GP. Louise suggested various tests and gave me an eating plan and supplements. 3 months later I am a different person, my pain has gone and I have more energy than I've had for years! I can eat properly, lost weight and regained my confidence. Louise was quick to respond to my emails and questions and is a great listener. I couldn't recommend her enough.

H Clements

Nutritional Therapy

H Clements


I would readily consult Louise again

After spending months seeing different doctors and trying different treatments, for what I was told was IBS, I contacted Louise who after listening sympathetically knew my problem. The pain was costing me sleep every night and I was at my wits end. Her advice on diet and supplements put me on the right road and I can now sleep at night and not feel like death during the day. Any further problems in the future I would readily consult Louise again.

Sheila Dade

Nutritional Therapy

Sheila Dade


Such amazing differences

I originally saw Louise for a food intolerance test, but ended up in deep discussion about my other issues with acid indigestion, bloating and discomfort. Being able to discuss these issues was so much more beneficial than seeing any doctor who would rush you out the room. Louise really listened and helped so much in helping me understand what was happening. I was prescribed 3 different supplements, which I have been using, along with avoiding my food intolerances, lactose and gluten as much as possible and reducing carbs, I am seeing such amazing differences in how I feel. I can fully recommend Louise.

D Short

Nutritional Therapy

D Short


Louise has been brilliant

Louise has been brilliant with my daughter. She suffered for many years with food intolerances, severe bloating and fatigue. After doing some tests my daughter followed a protocol of supplements and diet. Three months later my daughter is now leading a normal life again!! The bloating has gone and no longer feels permanently fatigued. This is all thanks to Louise her knowledge and professional understanding approach.


Nutritional Therapy



Here's What's Included:

We walk you through the 5 key phases to healing your gut:

  1. Remove (problems foods, bad bacteria, yeasts and parasites)
  2. Replace (digestive secretions such as stomach acid, enzymes and bile salts)
  3. Reinoculate (support beneficial bacterial balance)
  4. Repair (heal the gut lining)
  5. Rebalance (consider lifestyle factors that predispose you to gut problems)

Gut friendly recipes that taste great, nourish your body and will be enjoyed by the whole family.

We’re here to support you whenever you need us.

Working With Us

Work with Louise
one to one.

Work with Louise online via Skype/ Zoom or in her clinic in Braintree, Essex.


Yes I'm interested. What happens next?

If you’d like to work with Louise one to one, please schedule a phone call to discuss working together. This can be done using the ‘Book Now’ button.

How much time does it take?

You should expect to work with Louise over 3-6 months. You’ll need to spend a little time each week planning meals. The recipes are easy and don’t require hours in the kitchen with complicated hard-to-find foods.

How will we know what underlying imbalance(s) I have?

We use extensive questionnaires to determine the likely areas of imbalance. We can work from this information alone if budget is limited, however, we do prefer to complete testing so that we can create a more targeted programme for you.

What tests do you use?

There are some simple observational tests that can be completed at little or no cost.

We frequently use comprehensive stool tests and/or SIBO breath tests to assess the gut environment. We also use other tests where appropriate.

These are tests that you complete at home and send to the lab. These test vary in cost and are not included as part of the programme.

Will I have to take supplements?

Yes. The diet is a powerful thing but when there are underlying digestive imbalances, diet alone is rarely enough to correct the problem or diet alone will take a long time to correct the problem.

We use supplements to get quicker results whilst you are changing your dietary and lifestyle habits.

Almost all supplements are intended for short-term use. There are different supplements at each stage of the programme.

Supplements are not included in the programme fee because each individual will require a different prescription.

We’ll check that the recommended supplements are safe to use with you’re current medications and treatments.

Book Your Free Phone Consultation

Book your free 20 minute phone consultation to explore working with Louise. This is a no-pressure opportunity to get to know Louise and find out more about this programme and how you might work together.

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