Go With Your Flow: Leverage Your Menstrual Cycle For Weight Loss

In this episode, we discuss how women’s hormone levels impact their brain activity, mood, memory, attention span, energy levels, sleep, creativity, workout results, and weight fluctuations, and run on a 28-day cycle. Men’s hormone levels run on a 24-hour cycle, so their body reboots and starts over after 24 hours, and that is one of many reasons why weight management is an entirely different ball game for men and women.

Women can benefit from cycle tracking to achieve their goals, including weight loss, maximising workouts, and scheduling tasks or projects for times when they are feeling more productive or creative. The podcast episode provides an overview of the four phases of the menstrual cycle and discusses how women can work with their bodies’ strengths during each phase.

I also answer a listener’s question about weight gain after thyroid surgery, and share my favourite fact of the week, which is all about BPA.