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Dairy is a complicated food group. There are many components that can disagree with you; the proteins, the sugar and/or the fat molecules. You could be sensitive to one or all of these things! Intolerance can cause abdominal pain, discomfort, and nausea. It also causes embarrassing symptoms like flatulence and diarrhoea. Other symptoms linked to food intolerances include muscle or joint pain, headaches, exhaustion, and even skin symptoms like rashes and eczema. Dairy is just

Kale Crisps | Simple & Delicious Recipe

Posted by Louise Digby on January 30, 2019

Kale crisps are quick and easy to make, pack a lot of flavour and are far superior to normal crisps. Potato-based crisps are particularly bad for your teeth as they get stuck easily and the starches in the potato feed the plaque-causing bacteria. Potato-based crisps also do little to fill you up and spike your blood sugars. Hello carb cravings and fat storage. Kale crisps, on the other hand, are low in starch and therefore are better
A food preservative is a substance added to foods to make them last longer; to “preserve” them. Preservatives are added to foods that go bad quickly and have found themselves in all kinds of products in our supermarkets. Preservatives work to preserve food in a few different ways. Some prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. Others prevent delicate fats from going rancid. There are so many preservatives out there. While preservatives added to foods

Work Smarter For Weight Loss

Posted by Louise Digby on December 18, 2018

Inflammation, hormone imbalance and blood sugar imbalance are all driving your weight gain or preventing weight loss. Eating less and exercising more will not correct those imbalances no matter how hard you work. If you want to be successful (and that means to lose weight AND keeping it off long-term) then you’ve got to work SMARTER. Kick-start your success by joining me for my free 5 day challenge to curb carb cravings, starting January 5th
Christmas. The number 1 thing I look forward to at Christmas is spending time with my loved ones. Spending time playing games and eating. The work and club Christmas meals, Christmas dinner, advent calendars, selection boxes, mince pies, Christmas pudding, brandy butter, spiced cookies, baileys, mulled wine, bucks fizz and on and on the feast goes! It’s relentless! It’s a time when your months of hard work can be undone in just a few days.
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