Why Does The Thyroid Become Imbalanced + Solutions (part 2)

In this episode, I’m continuing the discussion about the thyroid and digging into why it can become imbalanced in the first place.

Once you understand why the thyroid runs into problems, you’ll be closer to understanding the root cause of your thyroid problems (whether diagnosed or just suspected).

I’m also talking about fat bias and answering a question about what the next steps are when your blood tests say everything is normal.

Is Stress Causing Your Belly Fat?

Belly fat is typically more difficult to shift that fat elsewhere on the body. Why? Because oftentimes, it’s not caused by overeating, and therefore, dieting doesn’t shift it.

In this episode, I explain why cortisol is such a problem and why it becomes even more problematic in peri-menopause, and most importantly, what you can do to lower cortisol.

I also share a fact about coffee, which will make it easier to reduce your caffeine intake, plus I answer a listener’s letter about some shocking chocolate news.

How To Lose Weight After 40

Time and time again, women reach out to me because weight loss becomes seemingly impossible after age 40.  So in this episode, I explain why that happens, with a particular focus on sex hormones and how to start balancing them.

I also explain why it can be difficult to find ‘free’ information online about how to balance your hormones, share my favourite fact of the week all about broccoli and answers a listener’s letter.

Figuring Out Your Thyroid (part 1)

Have you ever gone to your doctors because you’re tired and can’t lose weight, only to be told that everything’s fine?

Frustrating, I know.

In this episode, I explain what’s going on here, and why your blood test results may not have been normal after all.

I also share my favourite fact of the week and this one’s going to help you naturally feel more motivated to exercise.

Plus, I answer a listener’s letter all about slow progress.

Ep6: Going Beyond Diets By Balancing Hormones

Today’s episode is an introduction to hormones. You’ll be getting an overview of the key players and you’ll learn how hormones become imbalanced in the first place so that you can start to review and amend the foundations you have in place. I’ll also be going through a client’s question about a specific weight loss supplement, and sharing my favourite fact from new research all about plant-based meat alternatives.

Ep5: Reversing & Preventing a Sluggish Metabolism

In this episode, I’m diving into what causes a sluggish metabolism, or rather, metabolic downregulation.  You’ll discover why it happens and what you can do to reverse the damage and prevent it from happening again…
I also share my favourite fact from this week, and this time it’ll help you improve your memory. Lastly, I go through a listener’s letter.

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