Back To Basics | 7 Day Reset

If you’re anything like my clients (sick of dieting, confused about how to eat healthy and in desperate need of guidance) then you are going to LOVE this meal plan.

This is a plan that I created for my weight loss clients and because I have had SO MUCH great feedback about the recipes I really wanted to get it in front of more people. So here I am giving it out for free!

My clients experienced weight loss, they felt energised and their cravings disappeared as a result of following this meal plan!

Trust me when I tell you that these recipes are quick, easy, delicious and nutritious!

It’s important for me to add here that I don’t think following a meal plan is the answer to all your problems. In fact, I don’t recommend following a meal plan in the long-run. However, I do think that following a meal plan for a short-time can be really useful in helping you to understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

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What Our Tribe Says...

“I tried this, lost about 5lb, food is amazing!”

“This meal plan is GREAT! Really simple, no fuss and delicious!”

“I lost 2lbs in weight and half an inch off my waist, I felt like I had more energy and enjoyed the ‘freshness’ of all the meals”

“Thank you for this meal plan, my favourites are the strogonoff & chia pudding!”

“I’m ADDICTED to the pancakes!”

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