Amazingly Simple, Delicious and Healthy Pancakes! (Gluten and Dairy-Free)

I’ve discovered this amazing recipe that has made breakfast (or whenever you chose to eat them) much more interesting. Most breakfasts lack protein and have too much carbohydrate but with 17g of protein (when topped with Greek yoghurt), this breakfast is much more balanced!

To make these pancakes you just need eggs and banana! I thought this might mean that the pancakes would taste eggy or bananary but they don’t! They really are the yummiest pancakes I’ve ever had and they take no effort all. Total prep, cook and eat time was 15 minutes!



  • 1 medium to large banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Toppings of choice

To make:

Add eggs and banana to a blender or blend with a stick blender, just until smooth. Put suitably sized pan (depending on whether you want one or two pancakes out of this mix- I opt for a small pan for two) on a medium high heat, with a little coconut oil.

Once oil has melted, pour in enough of the mixture to just cover the bottom of the pan. Leave to cook and after a few minutes, once bubbles start to lift the pancake, flip!

Cook for a further minute or so and serve. I imagine you could store them overnight in the fridge and reheat the next morning if you were concerned about time, although I haven’t tried this.

Suggested toppings for a balanced breakfast: Greek yoghurt and berries, nut butter, or Manuka or local raw honey and lemon juice.

Tip: Whilst the last pancake is cooking, wash up the blender!

Enjoy and let me know your favourite toppings!