10 Day Detox

Fire-Up Your Metabolism in
Just 10 Days!

Kick-start weight loss, break through plateaus, eliminate toxins and maximise energy!

Meal Plans & More

We tell you exactly what to eat and drink and when with shopping lists and recipes included.

There’s more to an effective detox than just food and drink though so consider this a lifestyle and spiritual cleanse too!

Supplementing Health

Supplements aren’t included because everyone is different but we do give recommendations and pass on our 10% discount (which you can use forever) on supplements, natural skincare and health foods.

Community Support

Our Facebook group is the place to go to get your questions answered. We’ll support you as much as we can but sometimes the best support and information comes from others who are on the programme!

Why Do A Detox?

Why do a detox? After all, your liver is constantly filtering your blood and removing toxicants from your body. Well, many different things place a burden on your liver.

Firstly we have environmental toxins; the chemicals in your water, the pesticides, hormones and preservatives added to your food, the chemicals created in food by certain cooking methods, pollution in the air you breathe and the chemicals in the beauty products you put on your skin.  You are exposed to thousands and thousands of toxic chemicals every single day and your liver has to get rid of them.

Secondly, we have endotoxins; toxins produced within your body. These might come from imbalanced gut bacteria and stress. Even just breathing causes oxidation, AKA DNA damage!

When your toxic load increases because your liver can’t remove the toxins fast enough, this can cause several symptoms:

  • Difficulty losing weight: toxins like pesticides and parabens, for example, are fat-soluble. This means that when your body needs to get rid of them and can’t do it through liver detoxification then your fat storage will be upregulated so that you can store away those toxins, away from your organs.
  • Fatigue: detoxification requires a lot of energy. If your liver is working overtime, you’ll be feeling effects in the form of fatigue. Toxins cause damage to cells and can damage mitochondria, the little factories within cells that produce energy.
  • B.O: the skin is the biggest organ and plays a major role in detoxification. When you sweat, you’re detoxing! If your fresh sweat smells, that’s a sign that you may have a high toxic load.
  • Acne: acne is another possible sign of a high toxic load. Acne on the cheeks is a key indicator of this. Acne on the chin and jaw are a sign of hormonal imbalance and guess how you keep your hormones balanced… your liver filters them out of your blood once they’ve been used! This means that a high toxic load can directly impact hormone balance.

What this detox does is minimises the toxins entering your body PLUS provides your body with the nutrients your gut and liver need to eliminate toxins effectively.


If you are diabetic or take blood sugar lowering medication such as metformin, please get in touch with us before embarking on this detox.

If you are undergoing any medical treatments such as chemotherapy for example, please do not complete this detox at this time.

If you have an eating disorder we strongly recommend that you do not complete this detox and instead seek support from both a psychotherapist and a dietician/ registered nutritional therapist that specialises in eating disorders.

It’s best to make sure you read through the guide and complete your shopping before you get started otherwise you won’t get very far!

Start whenever is good for you but it’s a good idea to look for a clear 10 days where you won’t have any big social events.

Good times to complete this detox include before starting a healthy eating plan, when you hit a weight loss plateau and before or after a holiday or Christmas. You can of course also just do it if you feel like it!

No. You will need to make a little time each day to prepare food. The recipes are not time-consuming at all, but you will need at least 10 minutes each day for food prep.

Exercise is recommended during this programme (and guidance is provided) and you will get great results if you do take time to exercise.

I don’t know, I’m not psychic. I can’t guarantee weight loss, but I expect that you will have lost a minimum of a few pounds by the end of this detox.

The bigger you are now the more weight you’ll lose.

To get the most out of this detox there are certain habits that you’ll hopefully continue. Really, it would be ideal if you continued everything and adjusted only your food intake after.

Everyone that completes this programme is offered a discounted place on my 12-week online weight loss programme, The Nourish Method. This is a programme that teaches you how to change your food and lifestyle in the long-term so that you can lose weight in a healthy way that’s enjoyable, and also keep the weight off.


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