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sugar free granola
Browse through the cereals in any supermarket and there’s one thing that you won’t find; sugar-free cereal. Cereal really isRead More
Is salt bad for you?
Is Salt Bad For You? The NHS, world health organisation, UK government guidelines and most conventional healthcare providers will insistRead More
Should we be reducing or eliminating animal products from our diets?Read More
The other day someone I know shared a blog post listing all the reasons why eating organic is a con.Read More
Magnesium Deficiency Magnesium is a mineral which is becoming increasingly deficient from the diet and this is because it isRead More
The beans and quinoa in this light and easy recipe are packed with plant protein. Use pre-cooked quinoa if youRead More
Shop bought Chinese sauces are absolutely loaded with sugar, and often lack the authentic flavour of the Chinese takeaway (althoughRead More
There is so much confusion about what the best diet to follow is. If you spoke to 10 different nutritionRead More

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