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Dairy free lentil and cauliflower dahl
Hormone imbalance is a problem I see frequently in my clinic. Whilst many associate hormone imbalance with women and PMS,Read More
vegan nutritional needs
Given the popularity of Veganuary this year I thought it was time to write my follow up blog on plantRead More
thyroid weight loss essex
In this video I discuss how conventional testing frequently misses underlying thyroid problems, what you should be testing, how lowRead More
These Cauli-Bites are a really yummy and satisfying snack that won’t upset your blood sugars. They’re low carb and goodRead More
weight loss supplements
There are many different types of supplements that are purported to promote weight loss. Many of these claims are basedRead More
sugar free granola
Browse through the cereals in any supermarket and there’s one thing that you won’t find; sugar-free cereal. Cereal really isRead More
Is salt bad for you?
Is Salt Bad For You? The NHS, world health organisation, UK government guidelines and most conventional healthcare providers will insistRead More

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